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Serving with pride and integrity, movers and consumers in the state of Ohio.

Stay Informed
The laws and regulations around trucking change frequently, and the OAM helps its members stay up to date on the latest information. With your membership you'll receive:

  • Continuing education through seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Monthly industry updates that keep you in the know
  • Access to the OAM's safety and maintenance councils
  • An invitation to the OAM Annual Conference
  • Access to trusted services and products at a discounted rate
  • Works compensation premium savings group for eligible members
  • Legislative and regulatory guidance at the Ohio Statehouse


All members of the Ohio Association of Movers, Inc. strive to provide honest, efficient, high quality services to the Ohio household goods moving consumer.  All members pledge to advance the following code of ethics:

  • To encourage and develop the highest levels of industry service quality
  • To promote the lawful best interests of our industry, association, and craft
  • To adhere to all the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio rules and regulations as they relate to our industry and operations
  • To observe all laws relating to operations and employee safety
  • To deal with our industry colleagues, suppliers, and trade associates in only the most honorable way, and to encourage their adherence to this code of ethics
  • To operate as responsible employers, and to encourage our employees to behave honorably and responsibly as they represent our industry and our firms
  • To participate in advertising that only portrays our services in an honest and fair manner
  • To cooperate in the lawful review of any person in our industry alleged to be engaged in improper practices
  • To explain carrier limits of liability
  • To uphold and observe all membership obligations


Code of Ethics
We, the members of the Ohio Association of Movers, stand united in our sincere beliefs that honest, ethical, efficient, and quality services to the public are the ultimate goals of this organization. Whereupon we pledge ourselves to uphold and advance the following ideals and principles:

  • To maintain standards of professionalism and personal conduct that will reflect in a responsible manner on OAM and the moving and storage industry
  • To adhere to all laws, rules, regulations, and applicable tariffs governing moving and storage operations, whether in intrastate or interstate commerce;, and to conduct business in an ethical manner consistent with the laws of the State of Ohio and the United States of America, or any subdivision thereof
  • To consistently offer and provide the most efficient and reliable moving and storage services available, while adhering strictly to a policy of truth, honesty, integrity, and fairness in all business transactions
  • To promote the elimination of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, and unethical practices within the industry
  • To give fair and honest consideration to all complaints
  • To be conscious and considerate of consumer needs and to continually promote the progress, fraternity, education, and dignity of our industry so that the public will be better served
  • To act with fiscal responsibility and to maintain sound business relationships with suppliers, industry, and trades
  • To refrain from defaming competitors by falsely representing or falsely disparaging the quality of their services
  • To maintain the highest concern for the health, welfare, and safety of our employees, while recognizing their needs as both human beings and individuals
  • To protect free enterprise in a democratic society and to foster the commercial viability of the small business component of our industry
  • To afford all members and applicants maximum due process in the administration of association affairs, to promote competitive practices, and to eliminate unlawful restraint of trade within the industry
  • To faithfully fulfill all obligations of membership, including the timely payment of all charges for membership affiliation and services
  • To adhere to the association bylaws and this code of professional conduct as adopted by the governing board of the Ohio Association of Movers
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