What Have We Done For You This Week?

This week the Ohio Trucking Association participated in a number of logistics conferences around the state to promote the impact the trucking industry has on the economy of Ohio. Many ancillary organizations such as chambers, economic development, and government organizations have increased their focus on the movement of freight as an economic engine for the state and have started to host conference around logistics. While a lot of this programming is around intermodal, freight rail, and ship they miss the importance of trucking as the primary mode of freight movement in Ohio. Attending and presenting at these meetings keeps trucking at the fore front of the conversation of the logistics modes mix.


In The News

Truckers in the crosshairs: Avoiding danger on the road

A lack of awareness or consideration for trucks on the part of passenger car drivers would surprise few truckers, but a spate of reports of gunfire recently directed toward heavy trucks is a reminder that there's much more serious misbehavior out on America's roadways.

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