What Have We Done For You This Week?

Last week, the Ohio Trucking Association hosted their annual Call on Washington efforts in Washington, D.C. OTA staff members, Tom Balzer and Evan Newman, were accompanied byeight Ohio Trucking Association members as they met with Ohio's congressional delegation and US Senate members. Conversations with Ohio's federally elected legislators covered F4A in the Senate, workforce development legislation, hours of service reform, the industry's need for infrastructure investment, and a fix to the Central States Pension Fund. The Ohio Trucking Association continues to foster strong relationships with our congressional delegation to keep trucking issues as relevant topics in Washington, D.C. 

Feeling Lazy Today? This Is How You Break the Laziness Loop

Last night, before I went to bed, I mapped out what I was going to do today. After my morning routine, I planned to crank out this article before 11 a.m., answer emails, grab lunch and prepare for my afternoon meetings. I was going to wrap up my day by writing another article.