Truck Driving Championships and Technician Competition

Ready to Put Your Driver's Skills to the Test?

Each year, the Ohio Trucking Association brings together a group of talented drivers and technicians to compete for the highest honors in the state, as well as an opportunity to compete on the national stage at the ATA National Truck Driving Championships and the TMC SuperTech competition. Participants in the TDC take a written test, perform a pre-trip inspection, and navigate a driving course designed to push their skills to the limit. The technicians also take a written test, participate in two hours of education, and compete in nine problems designed to test their knowledge of truck maintenance. On Saturday evening, the 9 TDC champions and 9 TechComp champions are celebrated at a banquet. The TDC course competition is open to spectators.

Scott Woodrome, 2018 TDC & NTDC Grand Champion
Scott Woodrome, 2018 TDC & NTDC Grand Champion

Countdown to 2019 Truck Driving Championships & Technician Competition