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Operating a small business is difficult. Margins are thin and finding trusted partners can consume many of your working hours. The Ohio Trucking Association has your back! In an effort to assist carriers of all sizes, the Ohio Trucking Association Staff, Member Services Committee, and Board of Trustees have vetted and selected the following providers to assist in serving the association members. Each one of these providers offer a specialized options for motor carriers ranging both small and large, and if you are an OTA member, your organization will receive a special discounted price. Explore the possibilities today!

Lower your premium payments with OTA’s Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program and join over 215 fellow OTA members who are saving millions! This program is administered by Sedgwick TPA. Even if your company does not qualify for group rating, Sedgwick TPA may be able to help you save money with its other BWC programs.

For more information, please check out our safety accountability letter outlining the responsibilities and roles of BWC, your company, OTA and Sedgwick as part of OTA's partnership with Sedgwick. You can also utilize the following resources:

Click the link below to file a non-obligatory AC-3 with Sedgwick TPA today and learn about the savings opportunities. CLICK HERE to download a .pdf version.

In the trucking industry you face tough challenges every day. The health and safety of your drivers is a top priority. Alloy is a proven partner for Ohio employers who need effective coverage while providing cost controls that make an impact on the bottom line.

Alloy's professional risk management team provides workers' compensation coverage for our customers across the country. In Ohio where choices are limited, Alloy clients enjoy access to a Self-Insured workers' comp fund. Ask about our new Alternative Employer Organization (AEO) program. Ohio employers now have access to a simplified program for Workers' Comp coverage without having to worry about EIN changes for employees or changes in tax reporting.

Alloy Workers' Compensation Plan will allow you to move out of the State Fund, reduce costs and benefit from a convenient pay-as-you-go model as opposed to lump sum payments and audits.

  • Lower premium costs
  • Eliminate payroll true-up and BWC audits
  • Pay-as-you-go premium model
  • Alloy claims management
  • Legal representation is provided
  • Focus on cost control, safety and litigation management
  • Eliminate requirements to bifurcate Ohio payroll and miles
  • Protect company resources and save money

The driver shortage is one of the most talked about subjects in the industry. We partnered with DriverReach to help members solve it! DriverReach is a mobile- enabled recruiting management system for CDL drivers that transforms the way truck drivers apply for jobs. DriverReach streamlines the application experience for both driver prospects and recruiters. Verification of employment is completed digitally and automatically. Companies trust DriverReach to help them hire drivers in days, not weeks. OTA members save 10%.

On Demand Healthcare provides 24/7, comprehensive, on-site, and TPA services that will continue to make drug and alcohol safety a top priority for OTA members. On Demand has worked to build an expansive network of occupational health clinics, collection sites, and laboratories that allow them to provide services nationwide for an industry on the move. Save time and money with an on-demand group rated policy that covers all services required to comply with DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations.

AvatarFleet exists to solve your driver problem.

Our innovative software and services is the only package that gives you:

  • More online training opportunities
  • More qualified candidates
  • More passed audits
  • More safety awards

The A-Suite is a software program that helps you manage more than just driver Training and Retention. It assists with Advertising, Recruiting, and Compliance, all in one place.

Bestpass provides a comprehensive payment platform with a focus on nationwide toll management for commercial fleets of all shapes and sizes. With more than 6,200 customers and more than 540,000 deployed toll transponders in the United States and Canada, Bestpass ensures data accuracy, consolidates payments, delivers invaluable industry expertise, and saves its users time and money. Founded in 2001 by trucker drivers for truck drivers, Bestpass is now a trusted partner on the road and in the back office for customers, tolling authorities, and related organizations.

Sign up with PrePass and your first month is free as an OTA member! PrePass is an automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system that enables participating transponder-equipped commercial vehicles to be pre-screened throughout the nation at designated weight stations, port-of-entry facilities, and agricultural interdiction facilities. Cleared vehicles are then able to “bypass” the facility while traveling at highway speed, eliminating the need to stop.

Receive up to a 28% discount on your UPS shipping through OTA’s members-only program. Learn more by contacting UPS at 800.325.7000, or sign up at You can also ask for a UPS savings flier to be mailed to you.

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