What Have We Done For You This Week?

This week, the Ohio Trucking Association encourages you to visit the No-Zone display at the Ohio State Fair, which starts July 25, 2018. The No-Zone display, created by the YRC Safety Team, attempts to educate the general public on how to safely drive around big trucks when on the highway. The "No-Zone" refers to the blind spots that commercial truck drivers have, which are much larger than the blind spots of passenger cars. The booth is located at the north end of the Sky Glider ride near the Cardinal Gate.  The exhibit gives the general public the unusual opportunity of sitting in the driver seat of a semi-truck on a recreation of four lanes of interstate highway, with three OSHP vehicles strategically placed in the truck's blind spots. The exhibit also includes discussions of general highway safety, photographs from accident scenes involving commercial vehicles in order to demonstrate the consequences of unsafe driving, and interactive activities for kids and adults involving highway safety. During the duration of the fair, over 50,000 people are reached with the message of highway safety. Please join us in order to continue to acknowledge the trucking industry's dedication to safety, as well as educate thousands of individuals about the importance of being safe on the road!


Time to Let 18-21 Year Old Truckers Cross State Lines


At 18 I began driving tractor-trailers. The year was 1977 and I’d haul beer from Milwaukee’s many breweries to distributors within the state. I couldn’t cross a state line, though. Federal law said I was too young and by extension unsafe.  When I’d unload at a beer distributor in La Crosse and look across the Mississippi River to La Crescent, Minn., I thought about how ridiculous it was that somehow crossing over the I-90 bridge made me magically unsafe.