What Have We Done For You This Week?

This week, the Ohio Trucking Association hosted its monthly Ohio Trucking Maintenance Council and Ohio Trucking Safety Council meetings. Mike Easter of Hunter Alignment and Howard Williams of Bee Line Company educated the OTMC audience on truck and trailer alignment. Mike Easter was a former technician for 15 years, a former Program Chair at Miami Jacobs Career College for four years, and is a current HD representative for Hunter Engineering. Howard Williams is currently a Corporate Technical Sales Specialist for Bee Line Company. OTSC meeting participants were educated on emergency preparedness, with topics including Franklin County hazards and mass notification information. Presenter Jeffrey Young, Director of Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security, served in the U.S. Navy and worked with the Upper Arlington Fire Division from 1988 until 2016. Director Young serves on various committees, including the Homeland Security Advisory Committee, Infragard, the Central Ohio Trauma System, and the Chemical Emergency Preparedness Advisory Council. We encourage you to join us next month for out OTMC and OTSC meetings!


The 5-Hour Rule Used by Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Elon Musk

You just walked in the door from an exhausting day at work. You’re hungry and spent, just wanting to catch your breath for a minute. You grab something to eat and then veg out in front of the TV. Next thing you know, you've just binge-watched five episodes of "Jessica Jones."