Welcome to the Ohio Trucking Association

"Our promise to our members is simple: to make the trucking industry in Ohio more operationally efficient, profitable, and relevant. Our members' commitment makes these efforts possible. Our members receive industry leading education, access to carefully negotiated discount programs, trusted industry news, and more. Our members include trucking companies from various sectors and are made up of all shapes and sizes. Here at the Ohio Trucking Association, we are dedicated to the professional development of our members by providing the tools necessary to success. Working together, we achieve more."

Thomas A. Balzer, CAE

Thomas A. Balzer, CAE
President & CEO

What Have We Done For You This Week?

This week, the Ohio Trucking Association encourages you to join us for our Schroyer Truck Museum TRUKPAC Party at the Schroyer Truck Museum on November 14, 2018. The event will take place from 4-8PM. Be in attendance for what is sure to continue our success in making an impact within our industry and beyond. It is critical to support candidates who will consider our views, and since OTA is such a politically active organization with a large representation at the Statehouse, your voice is definitely heard at local, state, and federal government levels. Contributions to TRUKPAC are $100 per person and must come from an LPA, LLP, LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, or personal check; no cash is accepted. You can register here.