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Thomas A. Balzer, CAE

President & CEO

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This week, the Ohio Trucking Association's President & CEO Thomas Balzer continued to advocate on behalf of the industry during the Ohio Legislature's mission of passing the state's transportation budget. The current Ohio governor inherited an infrastructure program in dire straits, facing on over one-billion-dollar shortfall of funding, with an additional $400 million in new debt obligations due to the prior administration’s bonding of the turnpike. In regards to House Bill 62, the Ohio Trucking Association is asking the Ohio Senate to: properly fund state roads and bridges, utilizing the gas tax if an increase in revenue is needed; limit the differential between gasoline and diesel to four cents and not increase the diesel rate to more than twenty cents, in order to stay competitive with Michigan and Indiana; keep the Ohio House's provision of the Regional Heavy Haul Permit in proposed legislation; accept Senator Manning's amendments regarding the definition of independent contractors in proposed legislation; and keep an exemption for trucking companies from paying sales tax on the refund that companies receive for fuel purchased not used to propel the vehicle, currently in proposed legislation. As a member of the Ohio Trucking Association, you can assist in these advocacy efforts by speaking on behalf of the industry and informing your state legislators of the efforts necessary to ensure the safety of our roads and the wellbeing of our infrastructure. Send a message to your legislator here.