What is Team 88?
Team 88 is a grassroots initiative of the Ohio Trucking Association and the Ohio Association of Movers, used to identify members from all 88 counties in Ohio who have developed or will develop personal relationships with their local Ohio legislators.
What do I get by being a member of Team 88?
Members of Team 88 will have in depth background information on the legislative process and initiatives of the associations. They will be provided with thorough training as well as information on key players in the legislative process.
What will I learn as a member of Team 88?
Team 88 members will be taught how to develop effective relationships with lawmakers in Ohio. They will be provided more exhaustive resources and they will speak on behalf of the industry.
What is the time commitment of being on Team 88?
The time commitment can be light, maybe an hour a month during slower times of the session; or higher, approximately ten hours a month, when the associations have an issue needing attention. There will be webinars and seminars held quarterly to educate members on current legislation, as well as review how Team 88 members can contact their legislators through VoterVoice. The purpose of the program is to develop personal relationships with legislators in your area and advocate for your industry; your involvement is what you make of it.
How does Team 88 reach out to legislators?
VoterVoice is an advocacy management software platform in which Team 88 members can contact legislators that correspond specifically to their house and senate districts. These legislators’ information, as well as the direct communication to them, is pulled by simply typing in an address on the initial form after starting participation in a campaign. Based on predetermined criteria, Team 88 members are able to follow a “Call to Action” and are provided with a script that may be edited; this script serves as a letter that bypasses traditional communication means to get directly to legislators as soon as possible, eliminating the hassle of trying to pin down a legislator to initiate contact with them. VoterVoice allows a Team 88 member to engage with advocacy efforts quickly and easily through a few clicks; if members want to personalize their communication, however, they also have that option. Again: your involvement is what you make of it.
Team 88 Victories
The following victories are evidence of the success of Team 88 members reaching out to their legislators:
  • June, 2018 - House Bill 155 passed out of House Ways & Means Committee to House
  • April, 2018 - Senate Bill 170 passed into law.
  • February, 2018 - The EPA has $15 million available from the Volkswagen Grant to the transportation industry


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