Proposed Bylaw Changes at the September 18th, 2016 Member Meeting

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Mission Statement

To enhance the public image and economic growth of our members by promoting safety, innovation, and professionalism.

Who We Are

OTA is a nonprofit, full-service trade association formed to promote and protect the interests of the trucking industry in Ohio. Our membership includes over 800 company members, including both Ohio-based and non-domiciled carriers, and their suppliers. We cater to carriers of all sizes, in fact 54% of our current members operate 15 or fewer vehicles.

Your membership in OTA provides access to the latest in state and national trucking information, plus a growing list of services that can save you money and help you cope with the ever-changing complications of the industry.

The information on this website is just a part of OTA's story. With four professionals on staff in Columbus to help you, OTA has been supporting the industry since 1918, so you know we're here for the long haul.

What We Do?

The OTA strives to be an extension of your own staff; just a phone call away when that problem crops up that you can't find a solution for. And if we don't know the answer ... we'll get it. Our staff keeps you updated on critical industry issues through regular communications, and serves as Ohio's only liaison between the industry and the Ohio Legislature and regulatory agencies.

And perhaps most importantly, we provide a forum where members can learn from other members' triumphs and mistakes. These forums entail:

  • An annual conference. 
  • Periodic meetings in your area. 
  • Periodic seminars and workshops. 
  • Monthly Safety & Maintenance Council meetings on topics your people need. 
  • An annual Membership Directory listing all the information you need to contact other members.

What You Get?

  • Ohio Trucking Weekly, a weekly e-bulletin detailing all the current news on the legislative, regulatory and industry fronts. 
  • A well-respected presence at the Ohio Statehouse and state & federal regulatory agencies to make sure that current and future laws help grow your business, not hurt it. 
  • A staff of four professionals who are extensions of your own management team; ready to help you when you have questions or problems. 
  • Access to OTA's Ohio Trucking Safety and Ohio Trucking Maintenance Councils designed to keep your managers in those areas up to date. 
  • An Annual Membership Directory and Online Buyer's Guide full of contacts and references created to be your one-stop information source.
  • Periodic and affordable workshops and seminars on topics like driver recruitment, substance abuse testing, hazardous materials, safety compliance and many, many more.