Why Should I Serve?

Joining an OTA committee is a great way to get involved and learn more about the association. The time requirement for a committee is minimal, but you still get the opportunity to speak on behalf of the membership to affect what OTA offers and how OTA is governed. We are an association that works for you, and we want to represent the best interests and address the needs of our members. By serving on a committee, you can directly affect how you want the association to serve you.

Finance Committee
Provides for the fiscally responsible operation of the association
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Composition: Five members

  • Develop annual budget
  • Annually review audit report
  • Annually review dues structure
  • Review benchmarking information in compliance with IRS requirements
  • Annually review tax documents 


Governance Committee
Provides sound governance of the association.
Meeting Frequency: Annually
Composition: Five members

  • Review association bylaws
  • Develop resolutions to present to the Board of Directors
  • Review accomplishments of operations plan annually
  • Present slate of officers


Strategic Planning Committee
Provides direction and overweight for strategic operations through the development of a strategic plan; develops operations plan for organizational operations; conducts a comprehensive review of achievement. 
Meeting Frequency: Bi-annually
Composition: Unlimited members

  • Review strategic plan annually; prioritize areas of focus for year
  • Recommend annual operations plan developed by staff, based on priorities set forth by committee
  • Review accomplishments of operations plan annually


Legislative Committee
Provides direction for the public policy program of the association
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Composition: Unlimited members

  • Develop a list of policy statements for the association
  • Review legislation; provide association position on proposed legislation
  • Participate in fundraising for TRUKPAC
  • Provide recommended disbursements for TRUKPAC

*See Team 88


Member Services Committee
Provides oversight and assistance to the staff in planning events; develops non-dues revenue programs.
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Composition: Unlimited memebrs

  • Review, recommend affinity programs
  • Assist in development of topics for events